Position as understood by this application is a part of the template with content specific for category in which the template is rendered. It allows designers to specify areas of the template to be overriden by the users via the admin interface. Position is identified by it’s name.

Purpose of a position is primarilly to display objects in form of a box, but it can also be used to insert raw HTML into the template.


Basic features:

When called from the template tag, the application will first try and locate the active position for the given category, then, if such position is not available, it will locate active position in the closest ancestor of the category. This behavior can be overriden by the nofallback argument to the templatetag.
tied to objects or raw HTML
You can either define a generic foreign key to any object whose box you wish to display instead of the templatetag or, if the generic foreign key is empty, raw HTML that you wish to insert.
ifposition templatetag
You can check if any position for a given set of names is active using the ifposition templatetag.


Position is defined in the admin interface and used from the templates via two templatetags.

{% position %}

Render a given position for category.


{% position POSITION_NAME for CATEGORY [using BOX_TYPE] [nofallback] %}
{% endposition %}


Name Description
POSITION_NAME Name of the position to lookup
CATEGORY The category for which to render the position - either a Category instance or category’s slug.
BOX_TYPE Default type of the box to use, can be overriden from the admin.
nofallback If present, do not fall back to parent categories

Text inside the tag (between {% position %} and {% endposition %}) is passed to Box used for rendering the object. This can also be overriden from the database.

{% ifposition %}

Render template according to the availability of given position names within given category.


{% ifposition POSITION_NAME ... for CATEGORY [nofallback] %}
{% else %}
  not there
{% endifposition %}

Renders ‘present’ if any of the space separated position name is active for the given category, ‘not there’ otherwise.

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